Summer Light – by JoyAnne O’Donnell

The blue sky sings with the summer's flowers white daisies the color of clouds wonders the sand so soft blessing us freeing our spirit's bus to rest and revive to wonder and survive.    
suns suns suns here they come

Stalking Anacrusis, Staying Upbeat – by Laurie Klein

“Ana-what-sis,” you ask? Also translated “upbeat,” anacrusis signifies a pickup or lead-in: the notes and/or words preceding a song’s downbeat, like the “A” in “Amazing Grace,” or the initial, unstressed syllable(s) before a poem’s meter...

Writing on HOPE: The Psalmist’s Prayer – by Mary F. Burns

The Psalms have  always been a source of wisdom, comfort, depth and wonder for me personally, and for countless millions who have read, recited, heard and studied them through millennia of history. They timelessly...

Silent Retreat: A Stationary Pilgrimage

"The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart" - Sioux legend In December, friends offered to host a four day, mostly silent meditation retreat at their mountain...

Just One Thing by Rick Hanson Ph.D.

Enjoy the Freedom Not To Do you got to? The Practice: Enjoy the freedom not to. Why? We’re pulled and prodded by financial pressures, commuter traffic, corporate policies, technology, advertising, politics, and the people we work with and live...

A Mixed Lineage

This past weekend I meditated with Susan Piver as I participated in her Open Heart Project Virtual Retreat ( Susan is a terrific meditation teacher, and I have been using her beautifully-voiced instructions in...