Tiferet Tifs

Buoyed by a Bloom – by Anne Peek

I was startled into hope by a sturdy bloom. In a murky week filled with fatigue, overwhelm and heartache, I bought a small pot of Gerbera daisies, bright raspberry red to cheer me up....

Living in the Almost – by Michael T. Young

Hope is one half of the divided world. The other is apprehension. We are, in fact, haunted by the future as much as the past because we live in a distraction of expectation. Tantalus...

Writing on HOPE: The Psalmist’s Prayer – by Mary F. Burns

The Psalms have  always been a source of wisdom, comfort, depth and wonder for me personally, and for countless millions who have read, recited, heard and studied them through millennia of history. They timelessly...