I wish all a blessed full moon, a blessed Autumn equinox, a blessed harvest, and a blessed Sukkoth.

In this beautiful Jewish festival of the wine harvest, scripture tells us to go out into the fields, make little huts of vines and cornstalks, myrtle, willow, palm and fruit, and spend seven days partying! For the Puritans in the Massachusetts Colony, the harvest party of Sukkoth was the inspiration for the American holiday of Thanksgiving.

The most eloquent aspect of Sukkoth is to invite the ‘gur’ – the homeless wanderer, the alien, the other – into our harvest hut, our Sukka, to share food and wine. Not merely to ‘tolerate’ the other, but to celebrate the other! For when we are humbled to our root with simplicity, we can remember that, in the Bible’s words, ‘you too have the heart of a homeless wanderer’.

Welcome the Israelite and Palestinian, the Muslim and Jew, the Gringo and Latino, the Christian, Yogi, Agnostic and Wiccan, welcome the other into your hut!

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