Change is a Constant, But So Difficult to Embrace Sometimes


The essence of life is change. It’s really the only thing we as humans can count on. Why do we fight against it so fiercely then? I’ve heard it said we are creatures of habit and I know I like my routine. As I get older I have learned to be more flexible and to ebb and flow with the changes. Big life changes, however difficult, always serve a higher purpose.  I may not see it in that moment or for months or years to come, but somehow things always seem to work out. And of course that is the last thing I want to hear when I’m going through a difficult change.

I guess that’s why they are called growing pains. I still fear change and prefer my comfort zone, but I find when I step out and take even a small step in a new direction, if I do it with faith there is always some reward. Change is growth on our journey of life and we can’t continue on our paths without it.  I live by two principles: Too much of anything, even change is not good. And everything in moderation. I suppose they are both saying the same thing, but for me it is all about balance. In order to live a balanced life I must manage my stress and level of change to the best of my ability. Of course there are so many things beyond our control, but I find that my reaction to them is key and I try to be loving in every circumstance.

It’s not always easy to take the high road and I definitely need an outlet for my anger and fear, when they creep in.  Those are the two emotions I fight most. I don’t like the way they feel and I always want to escape. Embracing them has been a life-long process and some days are better than others. They are both very important in the spectrum of human emotion and serve as a big motivator to action.  Getting stuck in them is what I struggle with most, but if I remember to ask God for help he always walks me through safely to the other side. I’ve got to feel ’em to heal ’em…

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