The Christ Krishna Story


narinder has a story to tell ….

 Year1984. Chennai . Talking to a brother army officer, a Brigadier , a staunch Christian, who said to narinder, “narinder, I am a firm Believer in God. BUT Christ is the ONLY True God . “

 The Brigadier was a little taken aback , when narinder agreed with him, ” Yes, Christ is the Only True God. BUT . . narinder calls HIM Krishna. . . now let us see … can you show me your copy of the Holy Bible? “

 He brought the Holy Bible from his bedroom. narinder opened the Holy Bible at random. 

 It opened on the page, in which Jesus advises his followers, NOT to force others to change their Beliefs. To allow others to worship GOD in the manner of their Belief. 

 ( narinder does NOT remember the exact Page of the Holy Book now … and may NOT be able to find it easily, if he tries to find that Page now . . . BUT , the Story is True. )

The Holy Bible does say words to that effect . 

The Brigadier , and narinder, smiled warmly at each other every time they met thereafter !

aum ♥


( The rejoicing on Christmas )

O Beloved, Thou art Krishna

Govinda Thou art

The music in the sound of Thy Name art Thou

Krishna Krishna Jai jai krishna

Govind, govinda, jai jai Govinda

Christ, my Love, Christ Beloved too, art thou O Krishna


 Is it …..O my own sweet Love, O Christ, O Krist , that Thou art Krishna

 Krishna , Govinda

 O Christ Beloved

Jai Christ, Jai Krist, Jai Jai Christ !

Jai Govinda , Jai Jai krishna 


Ah, blessed souls !  . . . May Krishna/ Christ be your Guide , leading you to Happiness that does NOT wane. . . . to Love that is your Birthright, your True Nature . . . Love that does not wax and wane .

Aum  Amen 

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