Clearing Cords – How Cathy Smoothed Her Groove Back


Last week we covered the idea of grounding your energy, having your body synced in to the moment, rather than resonating from some other time – the There and Then.  It’s a great habit to get into and a foundational skill in any clearing practice.  Here’s another way to get into the Here and Now – a skill that focuses on your relationships with others.

You know how some people energize you, and just the thought of them makes you smile?  Great isn’t it?

You know how some people wipe you out, and just the thought of them makes you tired?  Not so great, right?

Well, ‘just the thought of them’ actually generates a cord of energy between you and them.  The energizers and the depleters are corded through thought alone. And of course, face-to-face and ‘wired’  interactions create cords, too.  In other words, people, if you’re connected in any way, shape or form to another human being…you’ve got cords!

So what’s a cord?  A cord is a two-way energy connection, ever-replenishing, from self to other (or other to self).  Metaphorically, once you have a cord, you’re plugged in to that person’s energy until it’s unplugged.  (And they’re plugged in to your energy.)  Or the power goes out…but that’s an entirely different thing and we’re NOT going there today!

Cords attach to the chakras.  And they’re not that picky.  It’s not like the energizing cords only go to the heart chakra to fill you up and the depleting ones only go to the feet chakras to be released to the Earth.  No sirree, these pesky little numbers can even connect to more than one chakra, creating a daisy chain of amperage or depletion.

Cathy is a therapist with a very active practice.  She supports a lot of patients as they navigate their emotions and work to find understanding of self and peace within.  Over time, Cathy began to feel bogged down in her practice, and eventually in her life.

Cathy’s work is about holding.  She holds stories, progress and setbacks, compassion for her patients and their journey.  She told me that she felt tied up in knots, depleted and de-energized…in her practice – and worse – in her life.  She wasn’t up to being with her friends, she felt ‘pulled on’ by everyone in her life.

When Cathy learned to clear cords, she smoothed her groove back.  Clearing cords reclaims your energy and returns energy to its rightful owners.

It looks like this:

Imagine soft, gentle hands, smoothing cords from each chakra – get YOUR groove back!

Imagine that you can access each chakra with a gentle, soft pair of hands that gently release cords, reclaiming your energy for you and returning energy to its rightful owner.

Cords bog down your chakras, muddy your  space, cloud personal clarity, hold relationships in a less than authentic light.  They keep you tied to relationships in the TNT (There N’ Then), rather than the HNN (Here N’ Now).

Clearing the cords unbogs the boggiest bod, letting the you that is you return to you…and the them that is them return to them.  Schwoo! Who knew?

Cathy’s practice showed signs of dwindling, and she was beginning to wonder if she was truly in the right vocation.  She decided to give the cord clearing a try.   Practicing daily for about 15 minutes, she attended to clearing cords.  She cleared cords with every patient at the end of every day.  She cleared cords with her family, friends, children, the dry cleaner, in fact – she learned to clear cords with the Universe of Sentient Beings Throughout Time & Space.

And in two weeks – TWO WEEKS!!! – she noticed that her bounce was coming back, that her energizing clients didn’t amp her up and her depleting clients didn’t bog her down.  She felt present, engaged, compassionate and unburdened.  She felt like herself.

As her vibrancy returned, her energy for her friends, her practice and her life rebounded.

Cathy is now a member of C3 – the Cord Clearing Club.  All are welcome!

Now that you’ve read this blog, it’s time to clear your cords with CK.  And I’ll clear my cords with you!  See you at the Clubhouse!


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