To” know ” Silence, narinder may be asked to’ let go’ of all thoughts…. every thought…. every single thought !

Having ‘known’ Silence, narinder could be asked to allow one solitary thought… one word …. just one word — ‘ silence’ ……….in his silent Being……

Let this word be embraced by the great unchanging Silence, which was there prior to the entry of the word ’silence’ into its domain.

And having experienced the One-ness of silence the word, and Silence ( which is … which just Is ) , narinder may be encouraged to allow another thought into his Being ( Silence ) and allow the great Silence to embrace it and make it One with itself, feeling its One-ness; and then,another … and then, yet another… and yet one more … till the silence embraces the infinite-ness, the all-ness of all words, all thoughts !

Thus is narinder blessed with the true ” knowledge ” of what Silence is ! What his Being Is ! What The Being Is ! What the Absolute Is !

Ah !……. there are no absolutes, but the Absolute !

Dear One , indeed are there no absolutes but the Absolute ! Even that may not be there ……….. that indeed is the Absolute Truth !

Said dear Sosan, the incomparable master……

” Words !! The way is beyond words, for in it, there is No Tomorrow, No Yesterday, No Today ! Only the absolute Silence of This Moment Now ! “

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