I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of Non-Dualists telling me that all my problems arise from identifying with my body.

Those who declare “I am not this body” sustain the very division between self and matter that they claim to have transcended. In fact, Advaitists who truly understand Shankara embrace this body as consciousness itself. This body is the sacred field of lila shakti, consciousness at play. If my soul has a question, my body is the answer. Jesus turned water into wine: I turn particles into waves when I dance.
Every atom of my body is a doorway to consciousness. Every cell is a palace of divinity. Christ demonstrated that God dwells in the human body. St. Paul declared, “The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.” In the second century CE, St. Athanasius said, “God became human so that humanity could become divine.”

This body is not an obstacle or an illusion, but a yearning of the soul for its center, overflowing from emptiness into form. 

Every whirling atom of me, every trembling cell, every gesture of flesh and earthbound stumble is an asymptote toward the center of the cross: heroic, imperfect, approaching the infinite through sacred undulations, singing bowls of pure mathematical resonance in the vacuum of not quite, not quite. This dance toward, is, perfection.

Omward arcing falling crying depth to depth outrageous body boding meaning mothering splendor Word forth flesh bodhi svaha! Hail the goer who gives birth to God.

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