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Introducing David Bennett

David is author of “[amazon-product text=”Voyage of Purpose” type=”text”]1844095657[/amazon-product],” a public speaker on Television, Radio and lectures across the nation, and leader of the Upstate New York IANDS. He facilitates a sharing group for Spiritually Transformative Experiencers (STErs) and writes a regular column about STE issues for the central NY newspaper “Metaphysical Times.” Recently started writing a bi-weekly blog based on daily reflections posted on his FB fan Page DharmaTalks.

David had three transformative experiences; in 1983 he drowned and had a NDE while the Chief Engineer of the ocean research vessel Aloha. He experienced a Transformative Experiences in 1994 when he was meditating in Sedona AZ. The third experience occurred November 2000, when David was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer that metastasized into his spine causing its collapse. Now in remission and retired/disabled David’s passion includes working with experiencers and cancer survivors integrate their experiences along with writing.

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