Dear Beloved,


Dear beloved,

In the beginning of a night of (Kanoun) December, the snow was falling, the moon traveling in its orbit was hidden behind the thick cloud and
heavy darkness with the cold wind screaming, and sometimes mooing silently in
the middle of the forest around my home, and the wooden fire in my fire place
about to be ashes, and the room is waiting for the wings of the dreams to be
arrived, I was afraid to go to sleep fearing not to wake up few hours later to
go to pick you up from the close airport of the city for, you called and told me
you are coming, and this time you are not wearing your wings and not riding the
wind but you wearing your body and riding one of those airplane… you are
coming to meet my body that has being longing to meet you after waiting of long
time suffering for not being able to taste your lips or embracing your body but
watching our souls having their having love together and not having the chance
to try even the expectation that bodies expect and live before the non-sexual
and sexual phenomena… I was afraid to go to sleep and not to wake up for this
great expectation of the body’s matrimony for the first

My brain that time was fall of birds and under skin was fall of scorpions, I was focusing in a body that will visit me soon to have for my
thirsty and hungry body for that, I was thinking that my lips will never leave
your lips when I get them, and the rest of me will stay with the rest of you

… And… With no time I found us hand to hand walking in the airport terminal with great joys with no luggage or any staff in your hand
except you in your perfection. I
said: “We stop in any good restaurant to eat for I have no food left at home”,
we enter to a small place on a small table, the light was dim and the music was
from there… The Andalusia era, we had one glass for both of us, we were
drinking and drinking for hours and not touching the food until we saw ourselves
by the door of the house drunk and nuntaxicated, we enter, we locked the door
behind us, I took you to the guest room and I said: “You must be tired of the
day please have some sleep and tomorrow we will have all day talking about
yesterdays and days in the future”.

I went to my bedroom asking myself about not being able to kiss her and to give her deep hug at least, is our longing died when we met? I search
inside me to find I am in deeper longing to her, I went back to her room to see
her body under the green cover and head like a bunch of roses, and her eyes like

sleeping stars, she said: ‘Why you don’t sleep with me on the other bed I have some fear to sleep alone in this lightning night”, I found myself in
the bed gazing at her face, and her eyes were looking deeply to my eyes, our
bodies were discovering each other, looking at each other, I felt that my body was flying over
yours and circling it over and over, for they need to know each other more
before they can go deeper and deeper, I smell your desire for me to be closer to
you when I asked : “Do you want to come to me or I go to you”? you answer: “I traveled all that long
distance, I can go few steps further to you”, I saw you standing in your endless
body with your rosy dress, the fragrance was gorgeous from your body and the
dress together, I open for you the space you need to be comfortable in the
double size bed, you were very close in a way not to be any closer and far in a
way not to be any far, two parallel bodies full

of desire to melt in each other, the distance between us was like the twilit zone, like that separate between the salt water and sweet water,
narrow and wide enough to keep our bodies pure and sacred, we met deeply without
touching, we had what man and woman supposed to have when they embrace, we were
absent for the rest of the night until I wake up very energetic after a heavy
night and light sleep, I heard my voice: “Please, don’t leave”, and I heard you
saying: “I am not leaving because I did not come…!

I look at me to see my wife all over my body, and both of us all over the bedroom, the white outside was covering everything, no cars, no men,
airports were shut all night, streets were closed by the heavy snow and nobody
was able to travel all night…!

What a dream was…?!

Dear poet

… The heaviness that weighed my heart this morning is the battle that I have to face in my life… others may be fighting starvation, a
terminally sick illness, a child dying, a business failing, etc. Etc. But I have to fight an emotional
battle—which is only making me stronger… I don’t lose in this battle, because
I am always stronger as a product…
the details of the circumstances is irrelevant at the moment, but the
product is what is important…

And as for your dream… I will write when I can about it… Every sense of my body was awakened by your dream.. . it was something that I have never felt or experienced by a
poem… and as I am too tired to write now, I only want to dream and dream and
dream… perhaps I don’t write about my dreams, but I also dream dear

Good night

The Muse

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