Death as Sacred


I’ve just begun reading “Visions, Trips and Crowded Rooms”by David Kessler:  “Who and What you see before you die.”  Within myself there is something more than mere curiosity at the experience of dying.  Fascination?  Perhaps, but not the kind of fascination that is as a fad or fetish.  This fascination is ensconced in the miraculous event that is letting go of the gravity that weighs down one’s body to the Earth plane–and all that transpires as we make the crossing and connect to the Other Side.  There is a sense of moving into another space of “life” that is beautiful, serene, loving and filled with the stunning light of Grace.

Nearly a year ago, we sat diligently at the bedside of my father-in-law during his final week of life.  Looking back, it’s clear that this experience was not only a transition of being for him, but an awakening in the depths of the soul’s “knowing” for me.  Every moment of sitting with him, I loved being there, enthralled completely by what he might be experiencing.  Whispering in his ear I asked “are you with them?  Your mom, your dad, Uncle Gordon–do you see them?”  Somehow knowing that he must, as he was in and out of sleepy consciousness and presence with us in that room.  All of my self was stirred to attention through the process of letting him go–and knowing he was moving on to a space of love and healing.

Those days were sacred.  What I have learned since then about “the Other Side” continues to intrigue and transform who I am and how I interact with life myself.  Watching my father-in-law move from one level of consciousness–the human, Earth level–into another level of existence where his soul and spirit unite with its purest essence, the Light of who we all are, connecting to the spirits of those whom he loved so dearly, changed my life.  It was a gift to be present for those precious last days, to sit with someone I loved so much, and indeed who I knew loved me too.  A gift he gave to me, to us.

A sense of awe overwhelms me as I realize the gift wasn’t even just to our family, it was to the healing and evolution of our planet.  For as just one of us undergoes an enlightenment in the very core of our soul, the effect is felt by many.  Sadly, we are a people who view death as something to fear, the final chapter, the end of our existence.  And yet, it’s really just a beginning.  Crossing over into another way of being is a step forward into the essence of our spirit, the true form of our selves.

Consider this in  your own life.  For although we do not personally experience the death of a human being every day, we do have many transformations in our lives if we allow it to be so.  Each time we go through this process, there is a death of something we no longer need, a belief that has outlived its time, emotions that have been felt to their fullest.  And as you experience those “deaths” through the process of letting go and moving on, remember this my friends:  Death is Sacred.  It is a gift given to you by the Divine, offering to you a space in which to evolve and become more of the purity that is YOU.

What is it that needs to be put to rest in your own life?  Where are you being asked to move forward, trusting in the Universe to carry you in her arms with love and comfort?  Just as we are there to love and comfort our passing family members and those whom we most love, Spirit is fully present to carry us over the threshold of “death” in our own lives.  Quiet your mind, still your spirit and listen…..for the answers are all there for you… the whispers of your heart…..

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