Pray attention to the ordinary.

Don’t miss a tittle — the bubble in the foam, the shimmer before the event, the tremor of Presence in the now, breath inside the breath.

Mirage and place have everything in common, except our commitment to be here.

Anyone who’s seen sparkles sizzle over sand, back to cool surf, sees the whole soul’s journey.

Gazing at flames in a formless bonfire, kids know how we have bodies in the resurrection.

If you listen to a toddler sing la la la la la, you receive the Word from the lips of a master. She’s practicing Zikre with Allah’s name.

A white lily grows in your garden. Dip your eye in that grail, stained with burgundy. Taste the Christ. Drink much more than you need.

Now wander over the earth, bewildered, worshiping one called Already Is.

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