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Thursday, February 9, 2012
8:30 – 9:30 EST, 5:30-6:30 PST

Webinar: Yoga As Muse for Creative Flow

The creative mind is fickle. Sometimes it sparks; sometimes it’s just dark. You cannot exactly “control” that wild mystery box (who would want to?).

But flourishing creatives and creative professionals do know they don’t have to be at their muse’s whim. They know how to do what you can do: Set the conditions, cultivate the habits, and engage the tools that let them thrive, follow through, and finish creative projects with more depth and consistency.

Enter YOGA AS MUSE™. It’s no panacea. But YOGA AS MUSE does train creatives, creative professionals, freelancers, and other audiences to become more aware of how their creative minds work optimally.YOGA AS MUSE’s easy-to-apply, integrated system of tools can increase your focus, heighten your imagination, sharpen your mental awareness, shift tired patterns of thinking and inaction, and stoke you to act upon fresh ideas.

Join author, TIFERET Fiction Editor, yogi, and creativity consultant JEFFREY DAVIS as he shares with you key insights and tested tools to deepen your relationship with your own creative mind.

In this webinar you will:

  • learn why yoga’s skillful means are ideal tools for creatives
  • discover how current findings in neuropsychology and social psychology consistently help account for why YOGA AS MUSE works for creatives around the world
  • assess your creative mindset’s physical, mental, and emotional “settings”
  • test out specific yogic tools and a simplified YOGA AS MUSE creative process
  • get information about event & consulting discounts for TIFERET webinar participants only
  • be able to ask questions about your specific creative mind, process, or project
  • have unlimited access to the recorded webinar

You don’t have to wait for inspiration. You set the conditions to invite inspiration when you need it. Then you find the focus and fire to follow through and even handle the inherent challenges that arise in a creative life & profession.


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How to Prepare:

  • Have at least one of the following available: a pen & notebook for writing, a design pad & pen(cil) for drafting, or a sketchpad & pen(cil) for sketching.
  • Review parts of Jeffrey’s book, [amazon-product text=”The Journey from the Center to the Page: YogaPhilosophies and Practices as Muse for Authentic Writing” type=”text”]0976684381[/amazon-product] (Monkfish Publishing, 2008, revised & udpated ed.)

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