New 6-week series starting September 11, 2023!

Mondays from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm ET

These are great times to turn to the writings of spiritual poets old and new. We’ll look at poems from Rumi, Tagore, Jane Hirschfield, Mary Oliver, and others. You’ll be given writing prompts to write your own poems that may be of comfort to yourself and others.

The workshop will be held live via Zoom video conferencing.

Workshop fee is $150 for all 6 workshops.

Instructor Praise

“Cit Ananda has lovely gifts as a spiritual poetry workshop leader. I attended the previous workshop and am now taking my second one with her. It is remarkable to me how well she understands our poems. She is an amazing listener! She “gets” each one of us even as we are each so different from one another. Nor does she tire out as I would. She is also honest and will ask for some repetition if needed. She is relaxed, spontaneous, encouraging and absolutely non-judgmental. She enjoys her students and we her. So class is a pleasure.”  –Achali Hall

Class Instructor

Cit Ananda Fowler
Photo by Tit Viscek, Cascais Portugal

Cit Ananda Fowler

Cit Ananda’s poetry is inspired by direct experience, captured in moments between perception when the mind falls quiet and deep silence shares an offering that touches the mystery of life. She will tell you she catches poetry on the winds of the universe. She has had work published or forthcoming in Mountain Path, Tiferet Journal, Amethyst Review, Soul-Lit, Offerings: A Spiritual Poetry Anthology from Tiferet Journal and El Portal. She is also the author of When Silence Speaks: Messages from the Heart, a full-length poetry book.  Explore more: