Mondays from 2:00 – 3:30 pm ET

Music can prompt your emotions and memories while inspiring your creativity in new and different ways. As a springboard for your writing, this class introduces composers and their melodies with a valuable mix of writing craft talks. How could a sonata by J.S. Bach offer insight for your character’s dilemma? How will Maurice Ravel’s Bolero encourage more tension and stakes in your story?

In each class, musical listening samples are combined with writing prompts and short periods for writing with optional sharing and feedback. The craft lessons are interactive and engaging. Applicable for non-fiction, fiction, and poetry!

Fee for all 6 weeks is $150. 

The workshop will be held live via Zoom video conferencing.

“Drawing on her experience as a musician and writer, Kris Faatz presents an engaging class using music as a springboard for writing. How delightful to both write to music and to learn more about the composers and what surprising places it took me as a writer. Kris engages her students in substantial craft discussions while providing encouraging and insightful feedback to student writing. This class was a delight. I highly recommend it.” -N. McMillan, www.nancymcmillan.com


Writing with Musical Inspiration

“I found myself writing at a higher level of creativity than normal thanks to Kris Faatz’s approach to teaching. Kris is an accomplished musician and is also an experienced writing teacher. She offers a wonderful way of fusing classical music, writing prompts, craft lessons and personal encouragement. I could see taking this class with Kris over and over again! After all, you can never learn too much about all the ways to interweave incoming sources that can inspire our work.”   -P. Lear

Class Instructor

Kris Faatz

Kris Faatz is one of Tiferet’s newest, most innovative writing teachers. She brings a valuable mix of writing craft expertise and musical professionalism as a classically-trained pianist. Her short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in journals including TypehouseBaltimore Review, and Streetlight Magazine, and has received recognition in various competitions, most recently winning Tiferet Journal’s 2020 fiction contest. Her first novel, To Love A Stranger (Blue Moon Publishers, 2017), was a finalist for the 2016 Schaffner Press Music in Literature Award. Her second novel, Fourteen Stones, is forthcoming in 2022.