Everyday Exile Project for Tibetan Exiles

Everyday Exile Project is a platform which allows Tibetans in exile anywhere in
the world to share their personal stories, in words and images, with an
online readership with the eventual goal of sharing these stories in
print format.
Founded 2010.

This project has grown out of the Teaching English, Learning Life fundraiser which I ran this summer.

The project started with the idea that I would publish a book on the experiences of Tibetans in exile.
It has evolved into an on-going project to bring the personal stories of Tibetans in exile anywhere in the world, through their own words, photography and art, to a widening western audience.

Our main blog is at Everyday Exile

We are launching Everyday Exile YouTube channel by 12 October, 2010.

You can become a fan of Everyday Exile facebook.

There is also a shop, Support for Tibet, where you can find Tibetan and Buddhist themed gifts of many types, including limited edition promo items!

And, finally, you can follow us on Support for Tibet Twitter.

In one week from today, I will be en route back to India to bring the project to life! Please check in at any or all of the above links to keep track of events and activities.

Thank you.

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