Excerpt from Dear Stranger by Kimberly Burnham


This poem appears in our July 2015 digital issue and was one written when Kimberly participated in our April 2015 Poem-A-Thon.

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I bicycled past your Montana home today
I wondered about your life
what it is that brought you here
or whether you have always been here
where I have newly come
soon gone on to the next town
on this three thousand mile journey

A worn wood and barbed wire fence
dividing me from you
the grass between us
shades of green, blue and yellow
a long gravel driveway
winds from where I pause to wonder

Your ranch style one story home
so different
from my yellow three story home
a world away in Connecticut
though both have a similar
pitch to the roof
to let the snow slide off
dark slate contrasting
cream colored walls

I wonder in the heat of the summer
as I ride by what you thought
as you sat by the fire
with snow covering the clumps of grass
two chimneys peaking up
into the blue sky
filled today with puffy white clouds
thin like a gauze veil

kimberly-burnhamAs a 28 year-old photojournalist, Kimberly Burnham appreciated beauty. Then an ophthalmologist diagnosed a genetic condition, “consider life if you become blind.” From devastating words, she forged a healing path and became a brain and visual health expert. Winner of SageUSA’s story contest with 2013 Cross-USA bicycle trip poetry, her
publication credits include Healing Through Words; Music—Carrier of Intention in 49 Jewish Prayers; and Year of the Poet.

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