Excerpt from A Suite for Gandhi by Lynn Domina


The following poem appears in our Spring/Summer 2018 issue. The entire issue is available for purchase in print or digital format.


Later, I will follow
his footprints their last
hundred meters toward the stone marker
where the eager crowd waited
and later

I will witness
chrysanthemums glowing
where his son
ignited his pyre

but now I only
watch the film, thinking
no as the beautiful
thin man emerges
to greet
his assassin.

Gandhi, Gandhi-ji,
I have learned so little.

Lynn DominaLYNN DOMINA is the author of two collections of poetry, Corporal Works and Framed in Silence, and the editor of a collection of essays, Poets on the Psalms. She serves as Head of the English Department at Northern Michigan University and also as Creative Writing Editor at The Other Journal.

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