Excerpt from Broken Future by Nicholas Samaras


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How to fix what hasn’t come yet?
Start with the anguish of the present.
Refuse to participate in what drags us
further down. Assemble the splinters
and rebuild a tree, a house, a space
to inhabit calmness and forgiveness.
Console what grieves and regrets.
Take coloured shards of a kaleidoscope
and reassemble a better picture, to break
the present and reset the bone.
To regenerate enough hope to live on.
To build a better home and move back in.

NICHOLAS SAMARAS won The Yale Series of Younger Poets Award for his first book, “Hands of the Saddlemaker.” His new book is “American Psalm, World Psalm” (2014) Ashland Poetry Press. He is working to place several manuscripts, and lives in West Nyack, New York where he teaches at the Charles Xavier School for the Gifted in nearby Westchester. saddlemaker@optonline.net

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