Excerpt from Constellating World Peace, One Family At A Time by Jamy and Peter Faust


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There are many paths to peace. Together as a couple, we have been on an astonishing journey through our family lineages that has left us yearning for more. More peace for ourselves and those we love, and more peace for everyone on the planet. Dismantling the internal borders that we erect to our family and loved ones is an essential aspect on any path of peace.

To borrow the words of the Dalai Lama,
One person can influence their family, one family can influence another, then another, then ten, one hundred, one thousand more, and the whole of humanity will benefit.

We have come to appreciate that humanity’s movement towards peace really begins one person at a time, one family at a time. Most of us desire peace for ourselves, our species, and our planet. But our collective progression towards peace has to begin with each of us — in our willingness to first embrace the spirits of our mothers and fathers to gain understanding and compassion.

Think of it this way: each of us is a continuation of our respective family lineage, of all that has occurred in the lives of our ancestors. Many of our internal conflicts were handed down to us in the form of unconscious beliefs.

peter and jamy faustPETER AND JAMY FAUST have been facilitating Family Constellations in their Immersion Program, Seminars and private practices since 2002. They are the authors of The Constellation Approach: Finding Peace Through Your Family Lineage and Poems of Love, Sex and God. Jamy is a psychotherapist, energy healer, and shamanic practitioner. Peter is an acupuncturist, energy healer and men’s work facilitator. They have worked alongside each other to support the evolution of consciousness for over thirty years.

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