Excerpt from I Want to Say by Bridget Nutting


The following poem appears in our Summer 2014 Digital Issue. Read the rest of Bridget’s poem and the entire issue.

Before day is done and sun sets one final time
I want to say I was here
I loved the changing of each season
Spring’s possibility
Summer’s intensity
Autumns perplexity
Winter’s finality yet to come
I want you to know before I leave
that I liked our day-to-day routines forged by years
of learning each other’s dance
I loved the safety in your arms
the comfort and warmth in your embrace
I came to completely love my life with you
fell in love with the beating of our hearts
the unending mingling of our breath

Posted In Memoriam

Bridget NuttingBRIDGET NUTTING was a longtime friend to TIFERET and participated in our annual Poem-A-Thon from 2014-2016. She was a literary and visual artist who started writing and creating as a child. Her poetry has been published in numerous journals, and her calligraphy and artwork graces walls in homes and offices throughout the world. A Montana native, Bridget called the Pacific Northwest her home until her passing in 2016.

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