Excerpt from In the World of Time and Space by Yehoshua November


The following poem appeared in our Fall 2017 expanded issue which is available for digital download.

Those who share duplexes, who live in apartments,
know each other’s secrets—muffled love cries, silences
after tragic news filters through the receiver,
favorite concertos. In the world of time and space,
an item—a broach or violin—is passed
from generation to generation.
A namesake holds his ancestor’s horsehair bow.
Fingerprints cover fingerprints, like moss
growing over moss.
Evening reappears in the window.
Soul and body bend
to untie a shoe.

YEHOSHUA NOVEMBERYEHOSHUA NOVEMBER is the author of two poetry collections, God’s Optimism (a finalist for the L.A. Times Book Prizeand Two Worlds Exist (a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award and the Paterson Poetry Prize). His work has appeared in New York Times Magazine, The Sun, Virginia Quarterly Review, Prairie Schooner, and on The Writer’s Almanac. He teaches writing at Rutgers University and Touro College.

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