Excerpt from Intrusion by Priscilla Orr


The following poem appears in our Spring/Summer 2018 issue. The entire issue is available for purchase in print or digital format.

On the shoreline, you surface
if only in memory, love akin to infrared
waves—invisible to the human eye.
Where do I hold you within me?

Not in my heart, organ that will beat
a billion times in this life.
Encoded and stored like light waves
or x-rays that move through soft tissue,

sear into bone, you are always there.
Unlike my terrier who burrows his nose in wet sand,
then moves into a full body dig. On the ride home,
he’ll carry the remnants of dead crab and seaweed,

and snore in his car-seat from sweet exhaustion.
Will you recede into the neural network of my mind
while I drive into the imperceptible blue waves of dusk?

Presenter Priscilla OrrPRISCILLA ORR, author of Jugglers & Tides and Losing the Horizon from Hannacroix Creek Books, has published in Southern Poetry Review, Tiferet and other journals. She’s a Geraldine. R Dodge poet and founding Director of the Silconas Poetry Center and The Stillwater Review. She lives with Crosby, her spirited terrier.

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