Excerpt from My Bison by Robbi Nester


The following poem appears in our Spring/Summer 2019 issue and was the 2018 Tiferet Writing Contest Winner for Fiction. The entire issue is available in print or digital format. Or, you can purchase a subscription and save.

In this glass canyon, I am alone
between two banks, a river of concrete
running between them, unsure how,
in the strange economy of dreams,
I have come to this place. That’s when
I see the bison, lost as I am in this city,
utterly without wind or the sweet
savor of grass. He lifts his heavy head,
horns curving inward like twin
telephone receivers. In his eyes’ sad
pools, my image swims. I want to
scratch his broad brow, bury my fingers
in his pelt, but this is no deer,
standing on the margin of the trees.
He is so much larger than I ever imagined.

Robbi NesterROBBI NESTER is the author of a chapbook, Balance, and three collections of poetry–A Likely Story (Moon Tide, 2014), Other-Wise (Kelsay, 2017), and Narrow Bridge (Main Street Rag, 2019). She has also edited two anthologies, The Liberal Media Made Me Do It! (Nine Toes, 2014) and Over The Moon: Birds, Beasts, and Trees, published as a special issue of Poemeleon Poetry Journal. Her poems, essays, and reviews have appeared widely in anthologies and journals.

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