Excerpt from Nuthatch by Ray Cicetti


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I watch it fly across the yard, carrying sunrise on its back, then land upside down on the sugar maple, wings tucked in like a teaching, only to disappear into the dark woods, like a small blue god’s visitation. How I want to follow it, praise it, cup its soft fierceness in my hands.

I step into the moment, arms outstretched, and secretly become a bird. I breathe in autumn’s fullness and turn in the crisp air.

The morning lifts me like wings over charcoal roofs. I warm my lined face with my hands, far away from the poverty of knowing. Awake as I will ever be.

Ray Cicetti 2RAY CICETTI’S poems and articles have been published in a variety of journals including Tiferet, Metaworker and Exit 13 poetry journals. He also has a chapter in the book Walking in Two Worlds, edited by Gilligan & Simon. In addition to writing he is a teacher in the Zen tradition and a practicing psychotherapist. He currently lives in Mountain Lakes N.J with his wife Carolyn.

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