Excerpt from Olive Tree by Tamar Einstein


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When I really look for the Divine

I need only to look

At the ancient Olive trees

Gnarled trunks

Seemingly woven of thick arms

Holding up the


Silver tinted

Leafy top.

Your Divine palms

Gently supporting those olives

That ripen all summer

As we imagine next season’s

Golden green glowing Oil


Tamar EinsteinDr. Tamar Einstein, (Tammy), is an Expressive Arts Therapist, writer, jewelry designer, dancer and artist in Jerusalem. Her love of writing began in early childhood in a Manhattan. Public school intriguingly named “The Emily Dickenson School”. Her immersion in the arts is a daily part of her spiritual, professional, and academic life. Her doctoral research and lifelong passion: Culture and Expressive Arts Therapy in Jerusalem are at the heart of her work.

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