Excerpt from Our Reflection in the Blood Moon by Mary Monroe


The following poem was written by one of our 2014 April Poem-A-Thon participants and appears in our Summer 2014 digital issue.

The entire issue is available for download.

The blood moon

is sailing tonight

we are the shadow

mother catching

the bent light of

our own sunrises

and sunsets

all of them

at one ablaze

(the very rim

of earth on fire).


We are the blood,

we are the rising tide,

we are the lost boat

of lies and prayers,

if we are to mourn,

it is now,

when the moon

casts back our heart,

when the night itself

is red with sorrow.

MaryMonroeMARY MONROE was born on a farm in Minnesota and has spent her life as a journalist, writer and editor. Her poems explore love, loss and the sacredness of everyday experience. Her poetry has appeared in the L.A. Times and can be seen in the upcoming issue of FR&ED. She is a student of tai chi, raja yoga and Andean shamanic arts. Mary lives in Eagle Rock, California.

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