Excerpt from The River by Elaine Koplow


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She sits on the bank
where small stones punctuate
the surface in front of her,
and the river ripples
gently at her feet.
Here the forest waits
while the river crosses,
tall trunks reflected
in its flow.

This is a place
where grief and love come
together. She comes here to watch.
She comes here because.

She comes in the morning
when dreams of before
dissolve with the light
and she wakes
to the thinness of things
around her.

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Elaine KoplowELAINE KOPLOW, retired English teacher and union organizer, is Director of the Sussex County Writers’ Roundtable, Associate Editor of The Stillwater Review, and Associate Editor of The Paulinskill Poetry Project.  A three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, her poems appear in the anthology Voices From Here Volumes 1&2, Spillway, Edison Literary Review, Wawayanda Review, Exit 13 Magazine, U.S.1 Worksheets, Journal of New Jersey Poets, Adanna, and elsewhere.

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