Excerpt from Visitation by Julia B. Levine


The following poem appears in our Spring/Summer 2019 issue and was the 2018 Tiferet Writing Contest Winner for Poetry. The entire issue is available in print or digital format. Or, you can purchase a subscription and save.

I thought if you were ever to return
everything since would come rushing up
like hornets driven from my chest,
my heart an unholy argument about time
climbing into silence like a soreness into music.
I thought my one blind eye would heal,
my arms flung wildly around you,
our gladness ferrying us back
into those decades we lay in your yard,
musing if God was another word for wonder,
or if the percentage of water in a body
meant the soul floated
like a refugee setting out for shore.

JULIA B LEVINEJULIA B. LEVINE’S fourth poetry collection, Small Disasters Seen in Sunlight, (LSU press 2014) inaugurated the Baratara Series in Poetry and was awarded the 2015 Northern California Book Award in Poetry. Widely published, her work has been anthologized in many collections. She lives and works in Davis, California.

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