Excerpt from When I Come Back by Roz Giuditta


The following poem appeared in our Summer 2017 digital issue. The entire issue is available for digital download.

Lord, if you must take me someday,
Let me come back as part of the ocean,
Let me come back as part of the sea,
Ceaselessly sudsing upon the shore.
White and foamy or

Let me be the tiny conch that a little girl rescues
from tumbling about in a wave
and saves until she is 25.

Or sea glass, Lord.
I wouldn’t mind at all being sea glass.
Rough, cloudy and beautiful from years of
tossing and turning on the ocean floor.
Not made in a sea glass factory.

Roz GiudittaROZ GIUDITTA lives in Scotch Plains, NJ and works as a publicist for a busy public library. In the past she wrote newspaper features, advertising copy and training manuals for businesses. She started writing poetry as a child and resumed writing six years ago. She has been published in Exit 13 magazine.

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