Excerpt from May 21 by Anneliese Schultz


Annaliese’s poem appears in our Spring 2016 Digital Issue. A poem by her sister, Virginia Schultz, who participated in our April 2016 Poem-A-Thon also appears in this issue.

Read both sisters poems and the entire issue.

You’re absolutely right, I woke up dancing, yes,
spinning through the cool bedroom,
wrists turning, hands winging perfect to the beat of bhangra
Still, the math was freaking me out
Inside, I resisted
what is with this craziness of Age?
let it go      let it go     let it go

So I did,
waltzing into a day of friends and dahlias, the sweet words of my loving son,
century-old poetry, fresh curries and yet another round of hugs
now sunset over the apricot roses
now crescent moon

Anneliese SchultzANNELIESE SCHULTZ is a Pushcart Prize nominee and Bread Loaf Scholar, Anneliese has an MFA in Creative Writing from UBC. Winner of the 2016 “Stone Canoe” Fiction Prize and the 2013 Meringoff Fiction Award and “Enizagam” Award in Fiction, she has been published in “Enizagam”, the “Toronto Star”, “Literary Imagination”, “Stone Canoe”, The Lascaux Prize anthology, and “Winds of Change – Stories about Our Climate.” Anneliese is working on the third novel in her Young Adult climate fiction series, “Distant Dream”.

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