Faith – Michael Lyle



We all doubt. There are even times when we doubt it all. Everything. Other times, we doubt certain aspects, this understanding or that assumption. It matters little whether these aspects are orthodox doctrine or recent theories and insights.

We doubt because we must. Only faith born of doubt, continually resurrected from the fog by the one who comes to us, walks with us through everything, is faith sufficient for the struggles of life.

God’s gifts and guidance always come in due time. Our job is simply to want them, seek them, and wait for them in such a way that we don’t mess them up, or preclude their arrival by taking the myriad other paths that present themselves.

Strange as it seems, perhaps the greatest impediment to our closeness to God is the nagging conviction that we simply don’t deserve the relationship, that we are not worthy of God’s love, forgiveness and nearness. Yet, that is the point of it all. God knows us even better than we think we know ourselves, and loves us anyway, loves us tenderly, deeply and to an extent we literally cannot comprehend.

Please don’t take my word for it. God is reaching out to you in love this very moment. Allow God to be God for you this day and always.

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