Faith – Road Tested by Amy Mitchell

The local reporter for the newspaper took this photo and sent it to me. I was still trapped in the car.

Before that summer’s eve on a mountain road, my faith was conditional.  God was a genie in a bottle, to be called upon in dire circumstances.  “This is silly,” I thought, hesitating. “I have the green light.  There’s a line of cars behind me; they’re going to start honking.” Despite my unexplained fear, I proceeded into the intersection like a sitting duck, making a left turn on a blind curve.  And then, I heard it.  The roar of her engine preceded the flash of headlights just before I felt the impact of a missile on my driver’s side.  I careened into multiple 360-degree rotations; my head flopping recklessly back and forth. Preparing to meet my maker, I murmured, “I’ll see you in a few minutes God.”  I drifted, coming to rest, nose to nose against the mountain, strangely without impact.  I smelled gasoline. Trapped, panic began to swell.  Afraid to turn my neck, I heard a man’s voice in the backseat say, “I’ll stay with you until the paramedics arrive.”

Within minutes, I heard sirens.  A firefighter entered through the passenger door.  I asked, “Where’s that man?”  He answered, “What man?”
My faith is now unconditional.  It has been road-tested.

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