Fake it ‘Til You Make It


Yes, really.  I’m not talking about lying, being overly creative with your resume, finagling your taxes or faking important things during romantic moments…um, you know what I mean.

I’m talking about energy work.  Subtle energy is, well, subtle.  And when people begin working with chakras, they often report that their initial experience is nondescript, vague, perhaps a whole lot of nothing going on.

So CK tells them – Fake it Til You Make It.  Keep on Keepin’ On.  Because eventually, at some point, they’ll sense, feel, notice something that they can attribute to their energy work.

The other day I had a client on the table and we were moving a bunch of energy.  She had a bad headache, telling me that she’d never again think that people who talked about killer migraines were wimps.

I was so interested in her experience on the table.  As her energy engaged with the treatment, her migraine accelerated, settling in to the left side of her face.  Her throat felt as though it had a wrench in it – a tightening, a blockage – something that frequently occurs during our table sessions.

All of this took place after I had begun clearing her energy field.  I asked her if she could feel the releases that were taking place as obstructions and blocks began to clear.  Nothing, goose egg, zero, nada.  She could definitely feel the constriction (it’s the calling card that moves people to make appointments for treatment, right?), but not the releases.

You might wonder how to think about or imagine a blockage in an energy field.  Here’s a visual that will give you an idea.

Obstructions in the energy field

They are sensed, perceived, intuited either within you, or through the awareness of the energy healer.

So I silently invited her to Fake It Til You Make It.  Within moments, her releases deepened and she let go.  While I’m not happy that her symptoms escalated (which often happens as obstructions and blocks activate prior to surrendering), I was happy that her engagement in the process deepened and she began to let go.

Here’s a visualization of an energy field in flow. Liquid Light.

Thirty minutes later she got off the table migraine-free.  See?  It works!

Other clients and students bring me stories all the time of persevering with their clearing work in spite of no awareness of anything taking place.  However, they report the changes in their life experience – letting go of old patterns, engaging new opportunities, healing in the body, the emotions, beliefs.

One of my most capable students at EHI reports that she never sees, feels, hears, smells, tastes anything happening when she works on people.

Yet the volunteers who received treatments from her during class trainings repeatedly described her as ‘the one with the hot hands,’ ‘the hot-handed healer,’ and occasionally ‘the hotty.’  (Well, she is really pretty, too.)

Which takes me to another thought that seems worth sharing with you.  Energy work is not necessarily about what happens in the moment of clearing.  A blockage released, an obstruction removed, a flow state restored, all of that is interesting and on point for the meditation or clearing session itself.  What’s really relevant is what happens next.  In your life.  New: ways of thinking, awareness, doors that close…and open.

So those of you who are new to energy work, please don’t sweat the small stuff.  Allow the possibility that through faking it until you make it, without a lot of sensory awareness,  you’ll evolve anyway.  Growth will occur.  Trajectories and probabilities will shift.  And you will become…more you.

Notice what you notice.  See what emerges.  And trust the process.  Fake it til you make it, and live your authentic life.

Off to open some new doors…

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