Episode 8: Interview with Bernie Siegel


Bernie Siegel is retired from Yale New Haven Hos­pi­tal, where he was a pro­fes­sor of gen­eral and pedi­atric surgery. He is the Aca­d­e­mic Co-Director of the Expe­ri­en­tial Health and Heal­ing Pro­gram at The Grad­u­ate Insti­tute, the founder of Excep­tional Can­cer Patients, and the author of numer­ous books, includ­ing How to Live Between Office Visits Prescriptions for Living and Love, Magic, and Mudpies

Wayne Dyer has stated, “Bernie is one of the world’s most respected doc­tors. I would pay close atten­tion to any pre­scrip­tion he offers.” Larry Dossey has stated: “Bernie Siegel is a bril­liant bea­con broad­cast­ing a mes­sage of hope. When high-tech med­i­cine is sup­ple­mented with love and com­pas­sion, we have not only car­ing but also heal­ing, which is what Siegel’s mes­sage is all about.”

For more information on our guest, please visit:  berniesiegelmd.com/

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