Episode 31: Hélène Cardona and John FitzGerald


Tiferet Host Melissa Studdard, and Guest Co-Host, Tiferet Associate Editor, R Jeffreys, speak with the fabulous literary duo, poets Hélène Cardona and John FitzGerald.

In addition to writing poetry, Cardona is an actor, translator, teacher, children’s story writer, and dream analyst. She is the author of the bilingual poetry collections Dreaming My Animal SelvesLife in Suspension, and The Astonished Universe. Of Cardona’s Dreaming My Animal Selves, Jean Houston says, “In this extraordinary volume of soul crafted poetry, words become wands to enchant and evoke our better angels.”

FitzGerald, in addition to writing poetry, is a novelist, editor, and lawyer. He is the author of Telling Time By The ShadowsThe Mindand the novel in verse, Spring Water which was a Turning Point Books prize selection in 2005. His fourth collection, Favorite Bedtime Stories,  is forthcoming from Salmon Poetry in 2014. Robert Nazarene says that FitzGerald’s Spring Water is “to poetry what The Silence of the Lambs is to filmdom: a harrowing, narrative trip that makes for an absolutely compelling read…brilliantly delivered by one of America’s most promising new poets.”

Both FitzGerald and Cardona have published widely in journals and anthologies. Together, the couple wrote the screenplay, Primate, based on FitzGerald’s novel.

To learn more about our guests please visit: Hélène Cardona’s site: http://www.helenecardona.com and John FitzGerald’s site: http://jmfitzgerald.com/

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