We went to see the movie “Hereafter” by Clint Eastwood with Matt Damon. Finally a real depiction of life after a near-death experience, being a medium, & dealing with profound loss of a loved one. Without the need to sensationalize these real types of events, I like what Clint Eastwood accomplished in this movie.

After encountering a transformative experience as these three characters in the movie did, we often wonder “What happened to me.” Once we get beyond the initial disorientation there is the need to search for more information in order to find some type of answers. These experiences stretch our mental boundaries and push us toward an emergence of a larger reality.

In our search we often run into a community of doubt and people wanting to push us in directions we are no longer interested. At times we fall victim to others that only have their self interest or greed as motivators. We can see through these self serving acts and not allow them to hijack our new sense of purpose.

The search to comprehend or fathom our experience can be voracious and difficult to put into words. Who can we talk to about this that will grasp and not patronize? Often our own families cannot help. So the search continues in looking for community or a mentor.

Sometimes we have to adjust to heightened sensitivities such as George did in the movie. This can be troublesome for some, shocking at first and requires a period of adjustment. Many time these shifts in reality will push us into new occupations because the old just doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

At the correct time, the universe will show us a way to integrate these new spiritual values with our human expectations. We will learn to live in the new paradigm with love and the importance of living our life right now even with the painful and lonely moments. Eventually, we come to a smother patch in the road when we allow ourselves to “Just Be.”

Although “Hereafter” might not be action filled, I hope you support this movie that is a real portrayal and a breath of fresh air.

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