Impending Spiritual Transition of Humanity


Gurucharanam Saranam. True globalization can happen only on the foundation of a global spiritual vision, a spiritual vision that does not balkanize spirituality. What we require today is a path of spiritual discovery that helps our transition into a higher plane of consciousness. Only standing upon the plateau of such a higher spiritual consciousness, the modalities for peace, value and progress could be evolved for a just global order. This age demands such a spiritual transition. The present day conflicts, disparities and disquiet are not indicative of a hopeless future, but are the signs of an impending spiritual change as per a perfect cosmic plan governing the universe. We only have to open our eyes to discover its presence, coming out of our spiritual ghettos. Perhaps, the present day talk of globalization, though on a wrong footing, may be a prelude to that change.

Well known Theosophist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky wrote that human civilization originated from what she called as ‘Root Races’. According to her, there are seven root races in a cycle of creation. The present one is the fifth Root Race progenerated from Vaivasata Manu. She further explained that each Root Race has its distinct characteristics according to a pre-destined plan in the evolution of human civilization. Blavatsky was only affirming the Manvantara order mentioned by the ancient Indian Rishis. However, the Manvantara order as per the Indian spiritual schools differs slightly from Blavatsky. While Blavatsky described that the present Root Race of Vaivaswata Manu is the fifth root race, according to Indian schools of thought, it is the 7th Root Race.

It is mentioned to drive home the fact that human race has a common origin from a common progenitor and therefore, the oneness of humanity is an inherent truth in nature. The racial and geographical fragmentation of humanity occurred because of an ideological slip in the Root Race many aeons ago. The consequent ideological spilling caused identical balkanization in customs, habits and culture of man. Human movements across land and sea further developed into different racial and ethnic communities. It is ideology that separated humans at the root level which manifests in all levels of human civilization beginning from an individual to a family, society and to nations in the world.

The world today appears steeped in so much diversity. To harmonize humanity into the concept of Oneness, one has to begin from the ideological aspect. Man has to retrace his steps from the ideological diversities to the original source where harmonizing of diverse ideologies take place. Even a single global language could be a reality if man retraces his steps to the source of oneness. Only such an ideological base can unite mankind. Of course, humanity has to travel a long distance before reaching that shore of ideological oneness. Therefore true globalization can take place only when this ideological integration is reached. The present economic globalization is perhaps the forerunner of such an integration. One cannot also deny that the present changes brought about by economic globalization, however unpleasant that may be, is helping humanity to evolve from the local versions of human exploitation and retrogressive ideologies.

Human civilization is in the threshold of change. A great evolution in the spiritual thinking of man is taking place. Sri Aravind Ghosh referred this as the Supramental transformation of human race. Mankind has to lift itself gradually from the lower spiritual levels in which they are currently locked in to higher spiritual embankments. The cosmic time order is propelling humanity to such a spiritual transition. It is a journey to Root Consciousness through multi-layered chests of consciousness. The present spiritual and ideological perplexity and the consequent disquiet in the world are due to mankind’s dislocation from that basic source. The ideology of Navajyoti Sri Karunkara Guru is to rouse humanity to that impending spiritual transition for a global world order based on true dharma peculiar to this age.

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