Is Your Energy Running Or Are You Running Energy?


Week after week clients talk about pace, transitions and time.  The pace discussion sounds like this: “…”  Got that?  Yeah.  It went by too fast for you to quite get it.  Want me to say it again?  “…”  Right.  Crazy-making fast paced living is what we’re all up to.

The transition conversation is like this:  “Transitions are difficult for me.  Work to home.  I’m not quite home at home, and when I get to work, I feel bad about not being fully present at home, and I wish I was there to make it right again.”  We’re moving fast, thinking a lot and trying to stay one step ahead of the W.o.W. (Wall of Work) that our lives entail.

The time conversation: “Never enough.  I’m late.  I’m in a rush.  I’m trying to squeeze in one more thing.”

Pace, transitions and time can make it tough to be present.  And sometimes we’re not energetically present where we physically are.  We’re in our heads.  Our projects.  Our emails.  Our to do’s.  Our wish I didn’t have to’s.

From an energy perspective, your energy’s running you, and you’re running out!  Or running down.  Or running late.  Or running tired.  Running on fumes.  Running behind.  Running backwards.  Running out of steam.  Running like a chicken…

Those are all bad ways of running your energy.  Bad. Bad. Bad.  Nothing refreshing, revitalizing, energizing in those phrases.  And how many of those phrases are in your common lexicon?

CK has zero ability to impact what happens with your pace, your transitions or your time.  But she can suggest a way for you to use your energy more efficiently, and to refresh it throughout the day.

Here’s the visual:


  1. To begin, source green energy from the center of the Earth through your grounding cord, into your 1st chakra.
  2. Next, source golden Cosmic energy through your crown, down your back into your 1st chakra.
  3. Mix the green & gold energy in the 1st chakra.
  4. Imagine drawing it up to the 3rd chakra and out through the chakra into your aura or electromagnetic field.

Repeat.  (In fact, you can imagine a continuous stream of Earth & Cosmic energy running through the field in the 4 step process described above.)

Running Energy is also a great way to complete any clearing practice.  When you Run Energy at the end of a clearing practice, you update your energy body, refresh its vitality and create greater authentic coherence.  You resonate as you.  All good.

Recently my client Larry told me that he no longer needed a 3pm power nap or a chocolate bar to keep him going.  He takes about 2 minutes and runs multiple cycles of energy.  And he said his boss is kinda pleased that he no longer finds Larry with his feet up on his desk, head back, dozing.  (Larry’s a producer, so it’s kind of a folksy story that gets shared at his office, rather than a badge discussion.)

So those of you who are faithful readers realize that the last four blogs have offered a tight, cohesive clearing practice for your chakras.  The skills shared include: Grounding, Clearing Emotional Energy, Clearing Cords and now Running Energy.

Those of you who are new readers can check the Archives and pick up the threads of the previous blogs to get your practice organized.

And guess what?  The trick will be to give yourself the Time.  A chakra clearing practice can be effective in as little as 15 minutes a day.  If you Pace yourself, you can do the clearing 3-4 times a week.  Over Time, you’ll probably realize that you’ve become a consistent meditator and that your Transitions from your practice to the Pace of your day doesn’t drive you crazy all the Time.

Have a great week!  Keep your energy flowing…

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