To Keep an Open Mind


We must strengthen our individual love to get rid of the force of fear that is trying to overcome our fragile human minds.

Our minds, so delicate, can only process so much at one time; and so with that how do those whose minds are at a constant motion deal with the overwhelming thoughts that rush through our brains?

We don’t sit and process these thoughts, but act irrationally to our first instincts, which may or may not be the correct response. May your inner beauty take over, and lead you down the path you ultimately would have chosen if your mind was not at a constant pace… but at a more relaxed motion… you will succeed further in your decision making.

We explore the mysteries of our minds to find peace within ourselves, and when we reach this particular place, we feel a sense of glory. This is where we must be. For who would want to be stuck in the dwelling state of mind? The mind set of failure and corruption? Insanity will take over and you will no longer be capable of setting out magnificent vibes, and you will no longer be the presence you set out to be for your loves and most importantly yourself.

People all over are coming into a vital realization of how important our minds can really be to one self.

Stop and think- Keep an open mind.

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