If I Knew Then What I Know Now….


I would stop racing, stop competing – cuz it’s not a race.

I would devote WAY fewer journal pages to planning and scheming and WAY more to free associating, dreaming and doodling – the kind of dreaming that leads, not to plans or short term goals but to vision.

Given that, I’d drop all of my goals and sift through them for my one theme. One story. One unifying vision that includes them all.

I would strive to live my life, every moment, every day, aligning to that vision.

I would let providence work its magic, delivering people and opportunities to my doorstep, laying gifts at my feet – because it would, it does.

The moment we align with a vision that’s worthy of us, providence aligns with it too.

With a pen and paper handy, I would ask myself these soul questions:

  • What do I obsess about? What keeps calling to me? What am I drawn to, in a way that I cannot explain? Are these obsessions in ‘shadow’ or in ‘light’? I would reverse shadow obsessions to light – and obsess about them that way.
  • What do I wish would happen? Is this a wish that I am hoping someone else will activate/make real? I would consider making my wishes happen myself.
  • Who do I envy – and why? I would make a “green list” itemizing every quality, material success, physical attribute and lucky break that the person I envy has that I don’t.
  • I would change the name of that “green list” to: What I want. I would send a beam of searingly cleansing gratitude to the person who inspired it for revealing – through their example -= a huge chunk of my own shadow vision to me. And then, I would ask the universe/God/the angels to bring some of that to me.
  • I would remember, every step of the way – including this one, that it’s not too late. It’s never too late. I would remind myself of the many great artists and creators who came to their great work later in life – and I’d let it inspire me to open to my own.

Today, I do these things. Today, success is pouring into my cup like champagne – all bubbly and golden and a little bit intoxicating.

I am sipping – not gulping – because I want, more than anything, to stay awake to what keeps coming, and…

… oh, wait..  there’s more on this list. See how it fills in, bubbling up from the deep inner spring that never stops gurgling.

  • I would pray more and plan less.
  • I would tune into the divine seed that lives inside of my heart and get to know THAT really well. And spend a lot less time trying to figure out what the market was doing; what trend was trending; what was the next HOT thing.
  • I would understand that I am the next hot thing.

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