Look Deeply


We have an essential desire to look deeply within, in an attempt to know ourselves. Once we start down that path we soon understand the need to connect that part of us that was disconnected in our youth. Many times this reconnection makes us feel childlike with a renewed sense of wonder. This is mainly due to the infusion of universal love that we blocked so we might be able to survive in the “real world.” Little did we know we were blocking the greatest coping mechanism for humanity.

As we continue our journey to gain deeper understanding of our true nature we soften and begin to become more flexible, calmer and assured in who we are. Then, as life’s voyage moves forward and unexpected rapids introduce themselves, we are more capable of developing more positive dynamic solutions in a clear concise manner. All the while the seeds of universal love are taking root and spreading in our being.

Once we truly begin to understand ourselves then we can turn and begin to see the greatness and wonder of the divine universal whole. Ever pushing our boundaries of acceptance and tolerance, expanding outward and allowing more into our circle. All the time with awe and wonder at the simple symmetry of interconnection and interdependence.

As we carry on with our deep inner seeking, others begin to see us as we truly are. Due mostly to our growing need to be honestly present and exhibit our true nature. Naturally, we contribute our energy into the intricate weaving of social interconnection while developing associations and conditions for quality interactions. A deep contemplative life can be profound and wonderful. To make it whole and complete, action is required. Inner life needs balance with outer life. Creating action through relationships and connecting to one another is possibly our greatest act.

Isn’t it amazing, as we attend to our inner self we find ourselves expanding outward. As we attend to the smaller part of “I” we ultimately find the larger and greater whole “We.” Additionally recognizing the whole is already within every one of us.

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