Loving Intentions


In my Near-Death Experience my soul family of light beings and I re-experienced my life in what is commonly called the life review. The Love and the Life Review were the most life altering aspects of my NDE. I now know how important each life experience is.

As a survivor of life, I cherish the everyday exchanges, especially interactions with other people. They give me the opportunity to practice loving intentions. I’m not always at my best though, so the results are varied. Although I feel I am getting better.

When facing a difficult situation and meeting it with loving intention, I have experienced the perceived difficulty melting away and the situation then flows smoother and with less resistance. On the other hand, I have experienced challenges with simple interactions when I proceed without love in my heart, I find obstacles can pop up from nowhere.

The fastest thing in the universe isn’t light. It is Love Consciousness. Love Consciousness can move from place to place instantly and in multiple locations at the same time. Love is the action and motivator that interconnects us, so all of our consciousness can be one.

Even in these times of confusion and unconsciousness, grace awaits when we allow the Love to flow through us freely without any attachments. Grasping and attachments slow our developing love consciousness, restricting the flow of loving intention.

Imagine a world where everyone practices living with love in their heart and developing an interconnected consciousness. We would still have our differences like many flavors of ice cream although we would use loving tolerance and acceptance toward those differences.

I know that sounds Utopian, but as we move ever closer toward a shift in consciousness eventually we will reach the critical mass needed for change. The numbers of people practicing loving intention will finally tip the scale toward a more loving, tolerant and understanding society.

I am encouraged that we are moving in this direction. As we communicate with more and more people globally there is a yearning and searching by many toward a life centered on loving intention and expanding consciousness.

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