Middle East Peace and Abraham




“For more than 60 years, a just solution to the Middle East conflict has eluded the greatest statesmen of our time. Perhaps it is time for a different strategy. Let’s call it an Abrahamic peace strategy.

In the field of conflict resolution, mediators help disputing parties peel back layers of difference until they reach common ground on which both parties can agree. In the Middle East, that common ground is our common ancestor Abraham.

Abraham did not build walls. He built wells to sustain all those around him with life-giving water. He did not exclude anyone from his home, opening all four flaps of his desert tent so that any wayfarer, coming from any direction, would feel welcome and share in his hospitality. That is why we are taught that the core character trait of anyone true to the Abrahamic tradition is compassion.”  By Dino Patti Djalal and Sid Schwarz