Mnemosyne Forty (Dickinson)


This Thursday, 12/13/12, I’ll join twenty other fabulous poets to read at the Annual Gathering of the Poets Emily Dickinson Birthday Bash. The reading, which is hosted by Dave Parsons and the Montgomery County Literary Arts Council, will take place at at 7 PM at The Corner Pub in Conroe, TX. We’ll each read one poem of Emily’s and one of our own. I’ve selected the lovely little poem, “How happy is the little Stone” for both the birthday reading and this week’s Mnemosyne Weekly. My favorite thing about memorizing Emily Dickinson poems is having her unusual syntax, slant rhymes, and coupling of the concrete and abstract bouncing around in my head. I hope you enjoy this one too–

How happy is the little Stone
Emily Dickinson
How happy is the little

That rambles in the Road alone,

doesn’t care about Careers

And Exigencies never fears

Whose Coat of elemental Brown

A passing
Universe put on,

And independent as the

Associates or glows alone,

absolute Decree

In casual simplicity —

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