Moving Forward to My New Self


There is a saying when we are sick or going through an emotional time that we’ll be back to our old selves in no time. I am learning now that what is really happening is that I am growing into my new self. Overcoming illness and emotional periods transforms us as human beings. The scary part for me is discovering that new person.  Will she be better than the one before? Maybe better is not the right word. Different and renewed seem to fit better. As I go through the healing process it sometimes feels like it’s going to kill me, but somehow I know God will get me to the other side and I will have the strength to embrace the new me.

The exciting part is that I get to discover the new things about myself.  The scary part is letting go of the past.  The people, life experiences and circumstances that helped to get me where I am today. Life is a journey and I so often get caught up with the destination that I miss the ride. One of my lessons as I go through this time of growth is to try and stay in the present moment as much as possible. This is where I find the most peace, the most joy and the most love. Namaste!

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