My Robin flew away…





My Robin flew away…

That morning was different.
That horizon with the twilight hue of dawn was colorful.
That air smelled of freshness.
I was up and awake from a dreamless slumber, with dizziness of new
awakening and anticipation of a bright day.
A robin flew my way and sat just beside me on bird feeder I hung in
the porch.
I rarely remembered it to be there till I saw a Robin there.
He mesmerized me. His soulful look looked through my heart and soul.
All I could do was smile at him.
His blue brilliance shone with glory and pride.
The impeccable arrangement of feathers was like virtues on character.
He was not young and naïve but seemed struggled and grave.
For moments he stared at me as if searching for some answers.
Our mute communication said all in itself…
He returned every day, we met every day.
At times I felt he smiled at me too. He liked me too.
He used to sit longer than usual beside me. Perhaps he felt secure with
me. Perhaps he felt himself with me.
We shared something. May be the synchrony of heartbeat. May be the
resonance of past life.
He would sing to me. His voice, in all its brilliance and spectrum, pulled
the strings of peace and symphony in my heart.
The background score of his songs masked the mindless chaos of
existence and was the element of endurance.
We would stare at the abyss of horizon for endless hours. Just feeling
the oneness, just feeling the kinematic of abstract love.
That recharged his soul and renovated mine.
At times I would pour my heart out to him. He listened with intense
understanding. One flutter of his wings would ebb away the floods of
cluttered emotions.
His mere quiescent presence enlightened and enriched the very
quintessence of life.
At times “my robin” emptied the basket of his struggles and sorrows,
the encountered crescents and furrows. What carved his withered
feathers and what smoothed his roughened spirit.
I saw him basking in the glory of triumph and eminence, while also
wallow in humbleness and acceptance.
The rainbow of his charisma had more colors to it and the austerity of
his character had no spatter on it.
It was a nexus of sentiments that enchanted us; the gravity of
affection that entrapped us; the passion for life that enchained us.
The time frame had changed its dimensions; few moments of
rendezvous were endless hours of fulfillment.
He was an oasis of serenity in the desert of turmoil and clamor to my
heart; I was the haven of nurturing love and fortitude for his soul.
That friendship omitted the years we aged; caressed the sore spots of
heart; healed the bruises of soul.
That secure blanket was wrapped tightly around; was too good to be
true; was too fragile to last; was too ethereal to be real.
One day he flew back never to return; his eyes said goodbye; his song
screamed farewell; his aggression meant egression.
It was time to be in his nest; it was time to be for those who were a
part of his life; it was time to fulfill the commitments.
He had lives to cater; he had dreams to realize; he had promises to
He couldn’t stay longer; he couldn’t wait further; he couldn’t live
I still wait for “my robin” every single day; I still put fodder in the
feeder for him; I still strain to hear his songs.
I know he won’t come; I know he can’t come; but that glimmer of hope
never fades…I still search him in every robin I see.
My Robin flew away…
The world is still the same,
But the dusky dawn has no colors; the violaceous twilight is gloomy
blue; the rainbow has greyed.
There is no fluttering of wings; there is no melody of love; there is no
illuminating chatter.
The tranquility is lost in the forest of turbulence; the sanity is blown
away by hurricane of bereavement; the stability is shaken by the
tremors of that binding cord that tied us.
My Robin flew away…
The time has changed its dimensions again. Every moment lasts till
eternity; the life around is in standstill trance.
The path ahead is teary blur; dreams now are directionless compass;
the ground under my feet is no more gravitating.
There is no lighthouse of inspiration; the fogginess of pain encroaches
my essence; the vacuum of something amiss consumes my spirit.

My Robin flew away…
But I ll keep him alive in the world around me; I ll keep the memoirs of
our bond carved on the walls of my heart.
But I ll keep the aroma of his beauty perfumed in the air I breathe.
The robustness we generated can’t go in vain; the music we created
can’t be unsung; the crevices we filled can’t be cracked.
My Robin flew away…
But I ll fill the feeder with affection and strength in case he returns
to refuel…
But what we journeyed together has left its trail; I ll pick the thorns
of it in case he returns to travel…
But I ll light my porch with fireflies of love and warmth, in case he
returns to enlighten…
My Robin flew away…
But I ll glorify the walls with the buds of homeliness in case he revisits
to nest…
But I ll fill the air with the welcoming music, in case he returns to
But I ll create the hall of fame with the chroma of his grandeur, in
case he returns to enliven…
But I ll clear the sky he flies, of its cloudy debris, in case he returns
to escape…
My Robin flew away…
I wish for that one glimpse of soulful eyes,
I wish for that one feel of fluttering wings,
I wish for that one sound of hymn-like melody,
I yearn for that one moment of life…
My Robin flew away…
But he caged my heart in his heart forever…
But he spelled out the commandments of odyssey of life for me…
But he embossed the divinity of love on my soul…
My Robin flew away…I wish I could fly to him…


My Robin flew away…

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