Realisation and Communication with the Self


Humanity has evolved . . . and in keeping with GOD’s Immutable Law . . . Consciousness now is the Totality of its Creation expressing itself in the creation, the homo-sapiens as the most Intelligent . . . 

The Movement of Time and Space is, again, the expression of the same Consciousness . . . Good and Evil ,  the Saint and the Sinner . . . it is all Consciousness .

 Now, friend , narinder( you ? ) comes to the self  . . . his body and its senses  . . . his Mind with its emotions and  sentiments . . . and his Intelligence with its Discernment and potential of awakening of Awareness of the One-ness of the self and Consciousness . . . all is the Self . .. Consciousness. 

Consciousnes itself misleads its Creation into believing that it is separate from Consciousness. This misled consciousness (self) is the Mind ( The Ego ) . . . playing in Ignorance.

 Thus, the Responsibility for exercising of choices , Consciousness puts with the Human Being . In these making of Choices , the Being continues with duality . . . likes and dislikes . . . doing actions , which all invoke the Law. The Result is perpetuation of duality of pleasure and pain, loss and gain, praise and censure . . .and so on.Thus does the self become subject to the Play of Suffering , and desiring Bliss . . . Bliss that lasts and lasts .

 When one is going through Pain . . . in a way he/ she is NOT totally responsible  . . it is the collective pain of all self . . . . . .the Pain inherent in Consciousness in its own Play.

Then awakens the Yearning to Know the True Nature of one’s own self . . . seemingly the Choice of the self (Ego)

 Consciousness itself then guides itself ( the ignorant self) to self -Remembrance . . .

TODAY , this moment , in this Age of Light . . . 

This is what is available to the self . . . all the Knowledge and Experience of the Knowers, the Gurus, whom Consciousness had led unto self -remembrance, self-realisation . . .

The Choices are still being left to itself (expression of Consciousness) by Consciousness  . . . . YOU . . . 

Just read what Naamdev the Sage says :

 If You gave me an empire, then what glory would be in it for me? If You made me beg for charity, what would it take away from me? || 1 ||

 Meditate and vibrate upon the Lord, O my mind, and you shall obtain the state of Nirvaanaa. You shall not have to come and go in reincarnation any longer. || 1 || Pause || 

 You created all,Lord,  and You lead them astray in doubt. They alone understand, unto whom You give understanding. || 2 ||

 Meeting the True Guru, doubt is dispelled. Who else should I worship? I can see no other. || 3 ||

  One stone is lovingly decorated, while another stone is walked upon. If one is a God, then the other must also be a god. Says Naam Dayv, I serve the Lord. || 4 || 1 || 

~~Gurbani .Page 525 of the Holy Book .




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