Obselete Spiritual Legacies and Dogmas


Gurucharanam Saranam

If the present age is witnessing unprecedented clashes and turmoil arising out of socio-economic disparities, religious fundamentalism, plunders of nature and natural resources, it is because man has failed to comprehend the original spiritual script of the Creator. Unless humanity understands the correct spiritual perspective behind life and Creation, which has an un-patentable universality, the world will, as we see today, go on in opposite directions giving torment to the inhabitants of this planet. How can there be multiple truths of Creation about a single universe, the single human family? Diversities have come due to the narrowness and ignorance of people and societies. Spiritual homogeneity, therefore, is going to be a vital aspect in the new millennium. Nature has supported whenever such unifying spiritual movements took place; and it destructed too the societies which stood against this. India is an example; against the eternal egalitarian monotheistic teachings (Sanatana Dharma) of Sri Krishna, Sri Buddha, Mahavir, Guru Nanak and many others, when India chose to follow the Brahmin centered caste theory and polytheism (popular Hinduism which follows Vedic rituals for propitiating gods) God Almighty sent messengers in other parts of the world like Moses, Jesus and Prophet Mohammed. The social forces that emerged out of these spiritual movements crushed and pillaged the spiritually and socially fragmented India. India became a subject country under colonial rulers.
The planetary system revolves around unalterable cosmic truths. So too are the spiritual truths behind man’s life and evolution. It is because of its eternal, universal nature, the rishis and sages called these laws as Sanatana Dharma, the eternal spiritual laws. Time is one of the fundamental aspects in this. Time is the other name for evolution, perpetual change. It means that humanity has to constantly evolve to higher spiritual truths spun by the wheel of time. Man’s refusal to accept this truth and his clinging to particular sets of belief systems born out of the necessities of a distant past is the cause of present turmoil and conflicts. Human lungs are gasping for the fresh breath of a new, all embracing culture and spiritual experience. However, the spiritual and cultural overlords want to chain this new age under obsolete spiritual legacies and dogmas.
Mankind has become culture conditioned forgetting the immense potential for spiritual discovery in this glorious age of Kali. If the Muslims and Christians are clinging to the medieval spiritual experiences of Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed, the Hindus are living with a prehistoric spiritual culture of Dwapara and Treta yuga, blissfully unaware that in this time zone (Kaliyuga) changes occur in the methods for spiritual realization. The object of worship in the Dwapara and Treta yuga were the devas, the celestials, but in the Kaliyuga, because of the evolving yuga cycles, mankind evolves one step higher in the spiritual hierarchy. Every yuga has a unique spiritual authority through whom this spiritual transition takes place. People in this new millennium will reject all religious dogma and seek truth.
The souls are guided to the ultimate truth of the Almighty through the ladder of cyclic astral changes as exemplified by the cosmic time concept – Manvantara time order mentioned by the ancient Indian sages. The great spiritual debacle of India lies in the mix up of Vedic idolatry with the path of the spiritual masters of India, who followed monotheism. And only monotheism can be the true basis of Sanatana Dharma, the eternal religion of mankind. The priest class of India, who is not even five percent of Indian population, will never agree to such a proposition, because that will take away their status as a special people, superior to the natives. It is the racial discrimination of Vedic Brahmins, which fragmented Indian society and brought the country to such disgrace, past and present, and perished it!
The second great sin of Vedic Brahmins is that they kept Indian spirituality under the celestial gods (devas), ignoring the spiritual leadership of the great rishis and sages who incarnated from time to time. India always stood for spiritual discovery – God realization through Guru-Disciple order, which is the path shown by the sages and for which India is well known. But the Brahmins stood in between and led people to Vedic ritualism and deity worship establishing themselves as its unquestionable authorities. Honest Hindus should realize this mess up, this spiritually treachery if they wish to see their glorious country prosper spiritually and socially. But how could it happen! Hindus are under the deep spell of a dirty sleep for ages.
The basic problem is people are not well familiarized with the concept of spiritual hierarchies. If one spiritual aspirant experiences an angel, deva or demigod, they think that they have attained everything in spirituality. There are millions and millions of such spiritual beings in the astral world, who can manifest in front of us. They can be channelized and some of them can give us enormous power to perform miracles. Patanjali advises the seekers to be extremely cautions of such celestial beings, because the aspirants might get misled from the path of God realization. Gods and angels are astral beings, in between God and the human world. They are like stranded travelers who have put up camps on the path and depend upon the upcoming seekers.
Today the Hindus, be it a Brahmin or Sudra, are unable to distinguish between the Sanatana Dharma of the Rishis and the outdated Vedic tradition. Almost all Hindus are ignorant about this spiritual pollution of India. Even the pundits of Hinduism are unable to distinguish this truth clearly. Of course, the wisdom of the Rishis are scattered in the Vedic literature in an inseparable way, like water in milk, which is confusing the spiritual aspirants for thousands of years now. This has to change and people must realize the truth. It is time that the Hindus begin to think, lest they be subject to the most grievous wrath of the Almighty.

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