Oneness – by Holly Hamilton


Today I had a beautiful experience sharing with a friend. We talked for hours & I was able to share the truth that God is passionately in love with HER! The same excitement, energy, wild, erotic love that is experienced in us for a true love is in fact DIVINE love & it flows in both directions. We love God this way ONLY because God is loving us this way. DESPERATE & LONGING for us, for deeper & deeper intimacy with us. Wanting to come into us deeper & more perfectly. Seeking out ways to delight us. Perfectly being seen & heard & known & wanted & delighted by our very being. No need to alter ourself. Freedom to express our truest essence & be completely welcomed & accepted. Refreshed by the assurance that we can breathe deeply & settle back into the comforting embrace of our most beloved One & only. Peace of mind, of heart. Ever increasing & strengthening in our being known & knowing the most generous giver of every good & perfect gift. Selected with our every secret need & want in mind. Pouring out more & more acknowledgement of our fullest expression. Encouraging more of our singular contribution to the world. Knowing the gifts we have to give & gently calling for us to bring them forth. Exuberant in the revelation of our purest true self. Writhing with ecstasy at our beauty & sensual strength. Bringing us into a confident completeness. More & more expanding our conscious awareness of how dear, how precious we are & how singular this devotion is toward us. Whispering to our heart with the most tender caresses a name only known & called to us. A tender, delicate, passionate, wild, untamable, unquenchable, ever growing, delicious, ecstatic, feverish, flavorful, hungering, head over heels, exhilarating, life giving, eternal, perfect love. Divine. Lover of our soul, mind, body. The creator is sexual, sensual, deeply connected, communicative, romantic, interested, devoted, sensitive, attentive, adoring, appealing to our desire, placing the desires within us & eagerly wanting to satisfy them. Loving us & knowing us better than we know ourselves. Perfect union. Wholeness. Body & blood given to us. Wanting to be consumed. To place our lips on, take into our mouth & taste, chew, swallow, becoming part of our body. The very breath we continue to take in & out, again & again from the moment we enter the world to our last gasp. This is the reality of God, our very sustenance, our every breath. Presence everywhere, including within us.

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